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Carl’s Conservative Corner

A Sudden Realization???

by | Jul 3, 2024

According to the mainstream media, the Democrats have just experienced an epiphany as a result of the recent presidential debate.  Out of nowhere it was suddenly realized that President Joe is not fit for duty as prez nor as a nominee.  Now the march towards finding a replacement has begun.  REALLY?
If you do not see that this is part of a long established strategy you are naive.  Mr. President was unfit even before being elected to everyone (except those purposefully choosing to not see the signs) By having Joe as the firm nominee and then declaring him unfit–then the party vacancy rules will allow deep-state party leaders to put forth the candidate THEY desire–not one chosen by their rank and file members. Who will it be??   More importantly who has been making the Presidential decisions for the past 3.5 years????   Please open your eyes and become aware that you are once again being duped.


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