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June —Remembering D-Day and Juneteenth

by | Jun 4, 2024 | GOP Officer Blog

            Grand County Republicans note that June is a time to remember the D-Day Invasion on Normandy France June 6th, 1944.  Operation Overlord, the invasion by Allied forces; (US, Britain, Canadian, French, and others) crossed the English Channel to Liberate Western Europe from NAZI occupation and dominance, and at last end the Fascist hold in Europe that had been building since the Socialist Benito Mussolini took the position of Prime Minister in Italy 1922. The fact that in general Europe’s people were far worse off after WWI under corrupted democracies, Communism, and National-Socialism/Fascism than previously when under Kings, Emperors, Archdukes, Kaisars, Tsars, and Viziers, is evidence to the exceptionalism and uniqueness of America under its particular Constitution mandating Citizen Rule, and is also perhaps an argument for either avoiding foreign entanglements entirely, or the opposite strategy of continual, perpetual interposing and directly intervening with the objective of preventing foreign wars, steering elections, deposing regimes, and reducing destabilization of profitable commerce.  Nearly a year of brutal fighting in difficult conditions and senseless warfare lay ahead of these brave men who strove to gain a foothold for Freedom upon the bloody, bombed beaches of Normandy that longest day eight decades ago. The high price of Freedom and resisting tyranny are acknowledged and we and much of Europe are grateful.

           Juneteenth, celebrated on19th commemorates the freeing of the remaining slaves in 1865.  We commemorate the announcement and knowledge that no longer were any American Black persons owned, branded and titled by a human master, but that they were now FREE!   The Confederated States had surrendered to the Union forces that ultimately prevailed in the protracted bloody Civil War 1860-65, and in the aftermath slavery came to its fated end.  The Union was preserved, the institution of legal slavery terminated, and a new future and hope born for all of America and the new citizens that had previously been merely livestock rather than persons in the flawed view, contortions, and workings of Law and the Judicial System.  The institution of privatized slavery condoned by a perversion of Law and those crafting, revising, and implementing it was at last upended.  We recognize that slavery, bondage, and trafficking is a reality for too many persons yet today in 2024 and that institutions of Government and the Law that they shepherd can be compromised and utilized to facilitate and institute oppression and control and denial of human rights that our Creator has imbued each human with.

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