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Part 2 – The Solutions: How The Republicans can Return the State of Colorado to PURPLE or even to RED

by | Jun 17, 2023 | GOP Officer Blog

Note: This is Part 2. Please click here to read Part 1.

The Democratic Party could implode if the Biden Crime Family is indicted as a result of the Republican Congressional Oversight Committee finding criminal wrongdoing by the President. He could also face impeachment, as impeachment articles are already being drafted against him now in 2023; but if the Democratic Party has their way, there will be lies and cover-ups unlike anything we have ever seen before, in the history of our nation. What the Republican Party needs to do is learn to “fight fire . . .with fire;” start copying Democrat “wheelings & dealings” and their “machinations & methods” to outrun, outmaneuver, and outfox the local party bosses and keep them confused with our plans and intentions. We the GOP officers and leadership need to learn to fight fire . . .with a FIRE HOSE, and keep them “swimming” upstream and gasping for air. But what do all these metaphors really mean? What do we the GOP really need to do?

We know we will never outspend the Democrats, that is their forte; so they have the edge in funds raised and funds expended. So then the GOP must work to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outrun the local Democratic operations at the county and state level. We need to engage our very best GOP leaders and minds to set up our own RoundTable to capture the most important ideas and objectives to achieve the “end-around” or an occasional “hail mary.” If we cannot outspend them, we must try to “out-gun” and “out-fox” them. And the key place this has to start is in the election-year cycle for 2024. And this critical election-year cycle is already underway. And like the Democrats, our objectives must be very clear. We must put forward the very best candidates, and these candidates MUST win in each of their nominated positions. If we want to keep our Nation strong, safe and free, with liberty and equal justice for all, we the GOP must do all these things. 


Grand County GOP Officers need to prepare and train to work & resolve these TOP 10 ISSUES


  1. Identify and nominate the best possible candidates for 2024 Public Office.
  2. Continue GOP Officer training throughout 2023 and into 2024.
  3. Work to achieve Election Integrity in Grand County (see break-out in Part 2A above).
  4. Fight County/State issues to not allow open Primary elections.
  5. Canvas county companies and individuals to offer financial support.
  6. Canvas all Precinct voters to ensure they are registered as County voters.
  7. Attend County Meetings & Town Halls to ensure election notices are publicized.
  8. Prepare candidate signs/advertisements to promote their specific candidacies.
  9. Work to GET-OUT-THE-VOTE in each Precinct.
  10. Get registered voters to the polls or to mail-in their ballots.

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