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Why is the Colorado Legislature so Fixated on Gun Control?

by | Apr 1, 2024

If you haven’t noticed this 2024 session of our Colorado legislature is currently working a huge list of proposed new laws with the focus of gun control–here is a brief description of these:  By the way this list IS NOT an April Fool’s Joke!

HB24-1292 to enact a ban on “assault weapons”

SB24-131 to ban open and concealed carry in most every location, except homes.

HB24-1310 to prohibit any school staff (even if trained and licensed) to carry concealed firearms on school property for defense of themselves and students.

HB24-1270 would mandate all legal gun owners to carry liability insurance. (Who knows if this is even available?)

HB24-1353 would mandate that all gun merchants (who must already have a Federal Firearms License) a obtain a new state permit as well.

HB24-1174 would mandate increased requirements for any person seeking a concealed carry permit.

HB24-1349 would implement a new excise tax on sales of ammunition and firearms.

SB24-003 would establish a new gun police authority to enforce new gun control legislation.  Estimated cost will be in the $millions.

SB24-066 would require all firearm purchases between legal buyers and licensed FFL deals purchased by a credit or debit card be marked with a special code that would allow the government to identify who is purchasing firearms.

HB24-1348 would establish a mandate that a firearm left in a vehicle to be locked in a hard case and out of visible sight.

I use the term “fixated” as this is a significant portion of what the legislature is working on–10 new  proposed laws just since January!

First, if you are even a little aware of rulings issued by the US Supreme Court over the past few years, I think you would recognize that many or even all of these proposals, if they become Colorado law–will be challenged as being unconstitutional. Colorado taxpayers will then have to “foot the legal bill” as the Colorado attorney general fights to defend these for many years to come at a cost of $ millions.  This is a blatant, completely avoidable waste of tax generated funds!

Secondly, I think a sound test of any proposed legislation is to ask the question–what exactly is the problem that the legislation is intended to solve?  I sure don’t see any specific problem that is being addressed by these proposals.  However, it is plain to see that as a whole these proposals are intended to make it more and more difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain and maintain ownership of firearms AND make it much easier for government agencies to identify gun purchasers for an unspecified reason (innocent until proven guilty? or guilty until proven innocent?)  

I have heard it said, “with over 200 million legal firearms in the US –if legal owners were an issue you would know it!”  This quote speaks volumes to me.

Our legislature appears to think the only? or most effective? means to control crime is attempting to get rid of firearms.  Yet they also consistently reduce the penalties for criminal activities of all kinds.  This is more than simply being wishy-washy.  Me thinks there must be an ulterior motive.  Next time we will delve into that thought.


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